Bend Pipes

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We are supplier of mandrel bends to the stainless steel fabrication industry. Our products are used in a wide range of markets in India and overseas, also bending

to customers specifications we stock a wide range of stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium butt weld bends, safety grab rails and swimming pool ladder rails.

With many years of experience and expertise in forming tube & pipe, Rolf is committed to providing top quality, bent tube and box section in Stainless Steel,

Mild Steel, CDS, T45, Aluminum.and on time service to our clients .

Mandrel Bending | Rolling | Swaging & Flaring | CNC Capability | One-off Bends to Multiples | Fast & Accurate | Quick turn-around | Stainless, Aluminium, Copper,

Brass & Pipe

Tube size from 6mm to 114.3 mm OD can be manipulated on a variety of different centre line radii to accommodate differing wall thicknesses required by fabricators.

Various areas of product design and fabrication have recognised the potential in utilising this specialist capability, including architectural designers, where the use of

high-performance stainless tube matches many contemporary design visions.

A variety of methods can be used for bending stainless steel tubing. If the bend has a large radius, the tubing can be curved with three-roll benders (also called

section benders, profile benders, or angle rolls.) If the bend has a tight radius, the tubing can be bent on a rotary-draw bender through a process called mandrel

tube bending.

Both welded and seamless tubing can be curved. When the desired radius is very tight, seamless usually bends better.

Since the application of bent stainless tube often involves products for the pharmaceutical and food industries, care must be taken to avoid carbon contamination

of the steel. The machinery and tooling should be cleaned and prepared to avoid such contamination. Furthermore, care should be taken to avoid having metal

strapping in contact with the stainless parts. Cardboard, wood or plastic can be used to protect the tubing during transit.

After bending stainless steel tubing, a nut and sleeve can be slid over the ends which then can be flared. Process piping is often supplied this way.

Tubing is also becoming increasingly popular in construction in roof trusses, canopies, balconies, and many other applications

Accuracy of 0.1 of a degree is achieved for a variety of applications, automotive, architectural and marine.