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ASTM B162 UNS N02200

ASTM B162 UNS N02201


ASTM Standard

Nickel Alloy
ASTM B162 (UNS N02200, UNS N02201)
ASTM B127 (UNS N04400)
ASTM B435 (UNS N06002, UNS N06230, UNS N12160, AND UNS R30556)
ASTM B582 (ALLOY N06007, ALLOY N06975, ALLOY N06985, ALLOY N06030)
ASTM B575 (ALLOY N06035, ALLOY N10276, ALLOY N06022, ALLOY N06455, ALLOY N06059, ALLOY N06058, ALLOY N06200, ALLOY N06210, ALLOY N06686)
ASTM B168 (UNS N06600, UNS N06601, UNS N06617, UNS N06690,UNS N06693, UNS N06025, UNS N06045, UNS N06603, UNS N06696,UNS N06617)
ASTM B 443 (UNS N06625, UNS N06219)
ASTM B463 (UNS N08026, UNS N08020, UNS N08024)
ASTM B 625 (UNS N08925, UNS N08031, UNS N08932, UNS N08926,UNS N08354, UNS R20033)
ASTM B409 (ALLOY N08120, ALLOY N08890, ALLOY N08800,ALLOY N08810, ALLOY N08811)
ASTM B 536 (UNS N08330, UNS N08332)
ASTM B688 (N08366, N08367)
ASTM B424 (UNS N08825, UNS N08821)
ASTM B333 (ALLOY N10001, ALLOY N10665, ALLOY N10675, ALLOY N10629, ALLOY N10624)
ASTM B 434 (UNS N10242, UNS N10003)


Supply Condition

In standard & non standard sizes | Available in other thicknesses, widths and lengths | Thickness tolerance to BS EN 10029 Class B

NACE Hardness to MR 0175 | Annealed and pickled | Inter Granular Corrosion test (IGC) to ASTM A 262 Practice E |Hot rolled Mill Finish No. 1

Polished to meet your requirements - dull or bright polishing